Open fire

  • Please check the “open fire” in no case be put on the terrace but on the grass, not too close to the trees or the house; under the fire you have to place tiles to prevent burning the grass.
  • Don’t let the fire unattended and make sure it is out at bedtime.
  • Wood can be obtained via the landlord.
  • Please clean the open fire after use.


  • You can use our Citybikes during your stay.
  • Please use the lock, Leuven is a student city and students love to take an unlocked bike.


  • Network: Sweetwaters
  • Password: SweetwatersOH


You can use the BBQ. Please to clean the BBQ after use

  • Please clean the BBQ after use
  • Material is available, charbon is provided for 1 BBQ session
  • Please DO NOT put the BBQ on the terrace but on the grass, to avoid stains.