General guidelines:

  • Use the GREY towels
  • Please take a shower without soap before entering the sauna
  • Use dry wood
  • Use a firelighter and firewood to light the fire
  • Keep it clean

Some tips:

  • No footwear in the sauna, please enter only barefoot!
  • Use your towel to sit on the wood.
  • Take off jewelry. Unlike your skin, metal takes on the ambient temperature within a few minutes.
  • Be careful with rings. All peripheral blood vessels are wide open due to the heat. Your fingers will become thicker and there is a chance that the ring will pinch.
  • Take off contact lenses. They can become dry and cause irritation.
  • In the sauna itself, bacteria and fungi have little chance.
  • Moreover, few fungi survive at the high temperatures of the sauna, but if you go into the jacuzzi after using the sauna, then a shower is mandatory.