Use of the jacuzzi

You can use the jacuzzi, depending on your reservation this may or may not be included in the price.
To turn on the Jacuzzi, press the ‘JETS’ button. The default settings are loaded automatically. You can also adjust the lighting with the ‘Lights’ button.
To turn the Jacuzzi off, press the ‘BACK’ button and then ‘Full Off’.
Do not forget to close the jacuzzi after use with the shut-off valve.
May we ask you not to change any settings without consulting the landlord?

General guidelines:
– Before using the Jacuzzi, you must take a shower. Since soap residues cause foaming, we ask you to rinse well in the shower after using soap.
– Although our house is surrounded by greenery, loud music or loud talking/shouting can still cause nuisance (especially for the neighbors behind). Please take this into account, especially after 9 o’clock in the evening we ask to respect the silence.
– No glasses in the jacuzzi, only the plastic glasses provided!
– No smoking in the jacuzzi!
– NEVER leave children alone in the jacuzzi.
– Do not take any hard objects into the jacuzzi (e.g. toys, watches, necklaces,…)
– Avoid sand, soil or other contaminants in the water.
– Do not add products to the water, such as soap, shampoo,…
– NEVER enter the jacuzzi under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
– The use of the jacuzzi is limited to 50 minutes of continuous use per stay (longer at extra cost).
– A maximum temperature of 39° is recommended for adults. For children this is 37°. It takes about 1 hour per degree to make the water warmer.
– Do not use electrical appliances in or near the Jacuzzi.
– After use, add 1 measure of chlorine to the water and ensure that the lid is closed properly.


General guidelines:

  • Use the GREY towels
  • Please take a shower without soap before entering the sauna
  • Use dry wood
  • Use a firelighter and firewood to light the fire
  • Keep it clean

Some tips:

  • No footwear in the sauna, please enter only barefoot!
  • Use your towel to sit on the wood.
  • Take off jewelry. Unlike your skin, metal takes on the ambient temperature within a few minutes.
  • Be careful with rings. All peripheral blood vessels are wide open due to the heat. Your fingers will become thicker and there is a chance that the ring will pinch.
  • Take off contact lenses. They can become dry and cause irritation.
  • In the sauna itself, bacteria and fungi have little chance.
  • Moreover, few fungi survive at the high temperatures of the sauna, but if you go into the jacuzzi after using the sauna, then a shower is mandatory.


The fitness is available in the afternoon.

If you want to use the fitness, please ask the owner for the key.

Other facilities…

Open fire

  • Please check the “open fire” in no case be put on the terrace but on the grass, not too close to the trees or the house; under the fire you have to place tiles to prevent burning the grass.
  • Don’t let the fire unattended and make sure it is out at bedtime.
  • Wood can be obtained via the landlord.
  • Please clean the open fire after use.


  • You can use our Citybikes during your stay.
  • Please use the lock, Leuven is a student city and students love to take an unlocked bike.


  • Network: Sweetwaters
  • Password: SweetwatersOH


You can use the BBQ. Please to clean the BBQ after use

  • Please clean the BBQ after use
  • Material is available, charbon is provided for 1 BBQ session
  • Please DO NOT put the BBQ on the terrace but on the grass, to avoid stains.